What Are You Worth?

Several weeks ago I was listening to a podcast (a podcast producer listening to a podcast? What a shocker!) and there was a little nugget of conversation that has stuck with me. However, I want to state at the beginning that this post is “throwing some shade” so I’m unwilling to name the show or… Continue reading What Are You Worth?

I Don’t Need It

Podcasts with video, aye or nay? This is not a new debate, but as the industry continues to grow it’s a debate that will remain evergreen. I’ve taken part in my fair share of conversations and felt like it would be appropriate to add my thoughts in a single space. Honestly, my feeling is that… Continue reading I Don’t Need It

Change Abounds

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve taken a moment to sit down and write anything, but there have been some changes to the website I wanted to walk through.  The first is a new client! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Erin Silver on Life After the Uniform for the last several months. Let… Continue reading Change Abounds

Creating Value

One of the classes required for my B.A. degree was “Gender, Race, and Popular Culture” and I took it in my first semester of university. Like many American students, I spent a lot of time in a community college before transferring so I was ready to dive into the core classes of the degree. You… Continue reading Creating Value

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