What the Finance

Rachel and Cheyenne are a couple of personal finance nerds that decided after years of excitedly talking to each other about all things money, and many things not money, that they wanted to share what they have learned with others

GraysMatter Podcast

Justin Grays is a Black, queer, polyamorous sci-fi enthusiast who has a lot of things on xyr mind. In this show, Justin talks to xyr friends about society and current events, which invariably gets connected to Star Trek in one way or another. If you want to hear the experiences of people who are not your typical podcasters, then GraysMatter Podcast is the podcast for you.

Elizabeth’s Podcast

This is a show containing the musings of 7-year-old Elizabeth and her family.

Life After the Uniform

What do you wish you would have known before you left the military? What happens once you have your DD214? How do you navigate life as a civilian? When should I start planning? What are my resources? Life After the Uniform is here to answer all of these questions and more. We will connect the people with the expertise to the people with the questions! Plus, you’ll hear stories from Veterans and those still serving. So join Life After the Uniform every week as we learn to navigate the civilian world with a military mindset!

Discover Dakota County

The Discover Dakota County podcast, provided by the Dakota County Regional Chamber of Commerce, is an interactive conversation that brings listeners and viewers informative stories, historical tidbits, views of leaders in the region, topics with various points of view, plus, a little humor and throw-back amusement. Tune in as we explore the rich stories and insights in Dakota County.

Mindset of a Mom, Minority, and MD

In the past few years, I have experienced grief while being married, pregnant and managing my career. I have also survived the trials of motherhood during the COVID-19 pandemic while serving as a frontline worker in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine.

How do I find personal and professional harmony and keep an overall positive mindset? I rely on my faith and my community of family, friends and colleagues to help me navigate the challenges of life. Join me, Keneisha Bailey-Correa, every month on ‘Mindset of a Mom, Minority and MD’ where I talk about things that are on my mind such as ministry, marriage, motherhood, medicine, money, mental health,

mentorship, motivation. Yes, they do start with ‘M’!

This show will appeal to anyone seeking to balance the demands of life. From the perspective of being a minority, we need to see our struggles and our accomplishments represented in media. Many are the difficulties we will face in this life, but take heart, we were created for such a time like this.

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